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(A-RMX200) RIPMAX Transition VTOL ARTF. Tilt Rotor

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Imported into the UK by  Ripmax Ltd        SRP £249.99 

AGE RECOMMENDATION: For ages 14 years and up. Not intended for use by children without direct adult supervision. It is highly recommended to join a local model aircraft club. This is not a toy.

 Almost Ready To Fly aircraft, requires other items to finish.


 Suitable for Advanced model flyer. 


 A long time dream for many modellers is now a reality! The Transition VTOL allows fliers to transition between hovering and forward flight at the flick of a switch with the latest in flight stabilisation to make it easy.

 To switch between forward flight and hovering, the Transition VTOL uses rotating motor pods on the wingtips. In hover mode, this gives you a wide stable platform and the Transition flies just like a quadcopter, with only one difference, instead of pitching the airframe forwards and back it automatically stays level and the rotors tilt to allow the aircraft to move forwards and backwards. At the flick of a switch it automatically transitions to forward flight mode. The rotors tilt and it flies just like a conventional aircraft. Flick the switch back to 'hover' mode and it stops to resumes hovering. It is that simple.

 The electronics of the flight controller are there to make everything easier and the key to the amazing performance. The flight controller uses multiple gyros to stabilize in the hover by varying the motors and in forward flight using the elevons.The flight controller is the interface between the reciever and the four speed controllers.

 The airframe itself is made from moulded EPO foam and minimal work required to finish. The whole airframe is re-enforced with carbon fibre to handle the loads of four motors at the wingtips.

 This ARTF version requires a  5/6 channel radio and a 4 cell 1300mAh 30C Li-po plus charger to make her flight ready.


  • Wingspan: 695mm (27.4")
  • Length: 846mm (33.3")
  • Weight: 880g
  • Servos: 1 x 17g Metal Gear, 2 x 9g (Inc.)
  • Radio System: 5+ Channel 2.4GHz (Req.)
  • Electric Motor: 4 x 2730 Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)
  • Speed Controller: 4 x 12A Brushless (Inc.)
  • LiPo: 4S1P 14.8v 1300mAh 30C (Req.)

Highlights and features:

-EPO foam molded parts
-Plastic parts
-Easy and fast installation
-Powerful BL drive installed
-Impressive appearance in the air
-Attractive design
-Multilingual instructions

Accessories needed for operation:

  • 5+ Channel RC (P-CB6K/EU T-6 K + R3006SB T-FHSS)
  • 4 cell LiPo Flight Battery (O-RMX200/E 4S 1300mAh 30C Li-Po)
  • Charger (O-IP3055/EUR SIGMA EQ touch 90W)