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HORNBY (R3302) Return from Dunkirk 1940 Train Pack - Limited Edition. OO gauge

Our Price: 225.95



OO gauge ready to run model locomotive Train Pack DCC ready limited edition


In late May, early June 1940 a miracle occurred at Dunkirk, a town situated on the coast of Northern France when over 300,000 British and Allied service personnel were snatched from the beaches by an armada of ships of all different shapes and sizes. Once the troops arrived back in England, many at Ramsgate, Kent they were placed on hastily rostered trains and transferred to various bases around Britain.

This limited edition train pack features a Southern Railway Drummond 700 locomotive and three Maunsell coaches representing Coach Set 447 with all models represented in the livery of the period

Model details:

  • Return from Dunkirk 1940 Train Pack
  • Class: Drummond class 700
  • Livery: SR
  • Period: 1940s
  • Wheel configuration: 0-6-0
  • Finish: Pristine
  • Scale: 1/76, OO gauge

Train pack contains:

  • SR 0-6-0T Drummond Class 700 '325'
  • SR Maunsell BTK Brake Coach '4059'
  • SR Maunsell BTK Brake Coach '4061'
  • SR Maunsell Composite Coach '5149'

Special features:

  • Limited edition, only 1,000 train packs produced
  • DCC ready




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