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CSM SL310 Gyro. Smart Lock System / Revision 4 Software

Our Price: 30.00


The SL310 is the ideal dual mode gyro for beginners.

SmartLock gyros offer two modes, which you can switch in flight for the best performance. SmartLock mode gives you Heading Lock with brains, for high control and fast stops.

 With Standard mode, you get the 'feel' of a conventional gyro, but with Yaw Rate Demand: consistent response to yaw commands, even with high gain levels.


 Main features,

 *Controls pirouettes up to 750 degrees a second
 *Optimal performance with conventional servos
 *Plus all the SmartLock features
 *Quick Setup: easy initial set-up on the field
 *Quick Trim: for the most accurate and symmetrical trim setting
 *Two-stage power supply regulation: usable with a wide range of power supply voltages
 *Accurate measurement of transmitted pulses, with a filter to remove stick bounce

 Radio system compatibility,

The wiring of this gyro is compatible with JR, Futaba, Hi-Tec, Graupner, Robbe and current (Blue plug) Sanwa / Airtronics radio systems. 

 The use of an R/C system with a travel adjustment facility on the rudder channel is an advantage. Most current production computer R/C transmitters have this facility.

 Servo choice,

Optimum performance from the SL300 is obtained when it is used with conventional servos only.

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