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CSM HLG 200 Heading Lock Gyro

Our Price: 30.00


The Heading Lock Gyro 200 sets new standards of performance at an entry level price.

A single mode Heading Lock gyro with manual gain adjustment.

 Main features,

 *Heading Lock (as pioneered by CSM).
 *Built-in Exponential for smooth stick response.
 *Yaw Rate Demand with rudder rates gives two gain advantage.
 *Input Filtering to improve performance with PPM (FM) receivers.
 *High Resolution pulse measurement and generation systems.
 *Two stage power supply regulation.
 *Internal vibration damping.
 *Small, lightweight, single box design.

 Radio system compatibility,

The wiring of this gyro is compatible with JR, Futaba, Hi-Tec, Graupner, Robbe and current (Blue plug) Sanwa / Airtronics radio systems. 

 The use of an R/C system with a travel adjustment facility on the rudder channel is an advantage. Most current production computer R/C transmitters have this facility. No gain channel required.

 Servo choice,

Optimum performance from the HLG200 is obtained when it is used with a high speed servo (0.12 second / 60 degrees or better).


Supply voltage range: 4.1V to 7.2V

Srp £62.95      Our Price £30.00




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