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(A-KK2050) Keil Kraft Gipsy Kit - 40in Free-Flight Rubber Duration

Our Price: 34.99


Balsa and tissue covered construction kit that requires assembly and painting.


About Keil Kraft

 Started in the late 1940s, the Keil Kraft brand quickly became one of the most iconic names in model manufacturing introducing a whole generation into the hobby of model making. Keil Kraft was relaunched in 2018 with each design carefully re-drawn in CAD with laser cut components for a quick build and a precision fit.

Model Details

 Designed by Bill Dean, the Keil Kraft Gipsy is the biggest model in the Keil Kraft duration range thanks to the massive 40” wingspan! This impressively large model is no more tricky to build than the other models in the range thanks to the use of similar construction techniques throughout.

 The bigger size produces a model that is better at coping with wind compared to other smaller models and the size also suits conversion to lightweight R/C equipment and electric power.

  • Wingspan:  40in (mm)
  • Laser cut parts
  • Re-drawn and re-engineered using CAD
  • Propeller and rubber motor supplied in the kit
  • White tissue supplied as a blank canvas for a design of your choice

Supplied in the Box

-Laser cut balsa components
-Wire, sheet & strip balsa wood
-Plain covering tissue
-Full size printed plan & instructions
-Rubber motor & propeller

Required to Complete

Keil Kraft models are traditional hobby products and are supplied in kit format. To complete the model as shown on the box then you will need to purchase further items such as tools and materials. Here is an example list, but please contact your local model shop for advice and guidance.

-A sharp knife and various hand tools
-Various grades of sand paper
-Clear film to protect the plan
-Pack of modelling pins
-Balsa cement, white glue or cyano ‘super glue’
-Model covering dope and thinners
-Decoration (paint or coloured tissue)
-Wing & tail mounting bands
-Cotton thread





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(A-KK2050) Keil Kraft Gipsy Kit - 40in Free-Flight Rubber Duration