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HORNBY (R3514) Class 800/0. IEP Bi-Mode GWR Five Car Train Pack

Our Price: 359.95


OO Gauge ready to run locomotive  DCC Ready.  Train Packs DO NOT include any track or controllers
 A logical design progression from the Class 395 Javelin, the Class 800/801/802 stock have been designed to technical specifications laid down by the Department for Transport, complying with the latest European standards.
 The main requirements were for the stock to have the flexibility to run on a variety of lines, on gradients up to 1:37, with varying running infrastructure, as well as being adaptable to future transport planning and passenger demands. Running as five car and nine car units, trains can be extended up to a maximum of twelve cars, with a maximum total multiple length of 312 metres, in both bi-mode (dual electric/diesel) and electric forms.

Model Details:  

  • Scale: OO Gauge / 1/76
  • Class:  800/0
  • Number:  
  • Name:   
  • Livery;  GWR Green
  • Finish:     Pristine

Train Pack Contents:

  • Driving Pantograph Trailer Standard car (DPTS) - powered
  • Driving Pantograph Trailer First car (DPTF)
  • 3 x Coaches
  • DCC Ready
  • Directional lighting
  • Non-working pantograph
  • Motor:  5 Pole Skew Wound / Loco Drive





HORNBY (R3017) LMS Patriot. BR Lined Green / Early - 45535. Sir Herbert Walker KCB
HORNBY (R3332) King Class. BR Green / Late - 6029 - King Edward VIII
HORNBY (R3314) 4F. BR Unlined Black / Early - 44341