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(DPR1008) DPR Hyper Cub - Rubber Power

Our Price: 34.99


Imported into the UK by J Perkins Distribution of Kent


 An attractive, pseudo scale, free-flight cabin monoplane that offers an absorbing traditional build and exceptional flying characteristics

For those who already have a little model-making experience the Hyper Cub offers a quality and immensely satisfying build due in no small part to its crisp laser-cut components, accurate full-size plan and lightweight wood selection. Sporting traditional tissue covering, a geared rubber motor and a banded wing system this is a grass-roots dream machine that offers all the challenges and rewards of stick ‘n’ tissue aeromodelling.

 Experienced modellers with a trained eye will already have realised the potential for the Hyper Cub to be converted to electric power and even radio control. The possibilities for this kit are limited only by your imagination and your skill. The Hyper Cub, then, a comfortable build for the relative beginner or a neat challenge for the experienced radio flyer.


  • Wingspan (mm):  750
  • Length (mm):  600
  • Power source:  Geared rubber motor
  • Construction:  Balsa & tissue

-Outstanding flying characteristics.
-Offers the full Stick ‘n’ tissue build experience.
-Everything included except glue, clear dope and thinners.
-Accurate laser cut balsa parts help speed assembly.
-Includes lightweight triple accelerating gearbox.
-Realistic large-scale propeller.
-Banded wing system.
-Traditional lightweight tissue covering.
-Semi-scale light aircraft appearance.
-Can be converted to electric power and radio control by the more experienced modeller.

What's in the box

-Laser cut balsa parts set.
-Sandpaper sheet.
-Hyper Cub water-slide decal sheet.
-Plastic propeller and spinner.
-Lightweight metal case gearbox.
-Wire undercarriage.
-Tissue paper sheets to cover the airframe.
-Full-size plan.
-Rubber motor band.
-Pre-cut clear acetate for windscreen and cabin windows.
-Modelling clay nose weight.
-strip wood set for spars and longerons.
-Translucent acetate sheet to cover the plan.
-Comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual.

Needed to complete

Glue (balsa cement, PVA or cyano), clear dope and thinners.




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