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UDI U29 UDI-Wing RTF - Folding Drone with WiFi - Tx and UVR-2 FPV Goggles (A-U29)

Our Price: 109.99


Imported into the UK by  Ripmax Ltd

AGE RECOMMENDATION: For ages 14 years and up. Not intended for use by children without direct adult supervision. This is not a toy.


 UDI's UDI-Wing drone offers amazing portability thanks to a foldable design that tucks away all four motor arms so the UDI-Wing can be quickly stored for easy transport. This design allows you to take the UDI-Wing with you anywhere you go with ease. Just fold out the arms, slot in a battery and pair with your phone or controller to get flying.

 Control comes from either the stylish controller or your mobile using the built-in WiFi system. The built-in WiFi can send back video directly to your mobile device (not included) in real time. This handy feature means you do not have to carry around a controller fly your drone but you have the option if you want more precise control or an unobstructed camera view in the app.

 The UDI-Wing is small, stylish, practical and easy to use allowing you to take it with you wherever you go!

FlyingSee Phone App

 UDI have developed an advanced mobile APP to work with the latest generation of UDI drones. It not only allows you to see the camera footage in real time and use that in FPV it also can contol the drone in flight removing the need for a transmitter.

Radio Controller

 The stylish controller allows for far more control range than the WiFi connection and the control sticks give more intuitive and precise control for pilots wanting to get the most from the UDI-Wings flying capabilities.

UDI UVR-2 'U-Scene' FPV Goggles

 Add an extra dimension to your UDI Wi-Fi quadcopter with these 'Virtual Reality' goggles! Simply download the UDI App on your phone and select VR mode

HD Camera

 The UDI-Wing is fitted with a 720p HD camera with a 120° capture angle for high quality footage 1280 x 720px footage. Capable of video or still photos the camera is activated using the APP and then the footage is stored directly onto an onboard MicroSD card (not included) and accessed via the FlyingSee APP Wifi connection.

Altitude Hold Mode

 The UDI-Wing comes equipped with an 'Altitude Hold' feature for easy and precise flying.

One Button Take off/Landing

 As you get to grips with flying a drone often the takeoff and landing is the most tricky part. But using the 'One button' takeoff/landing feature this can be done automatically for you.


-WiFi Control using FlyingSee APP on a mobile device
-Real-time FPV transmission
-Foldable & portable design
-HD camera for aerial photography
-Heading hold mode
-Altitude hold mode
-Low battery alarm


  • Camera  HD1280 x 720p 120° FOV f/2.0 (Inc.)
  • Altitude Hold  Yes
  • Flight Time  7 Minutes (Approx)
  • Memory  MicroSD (Required)
  • Mobile App  Flyingsee (IOS and Android)
  • Range  80m (Approx)
  • Range (Wifi)  Approx 40m (Outdoor And Unobstructed)
  • Weight  96.2g
  • Radio System  2.4 GHz (Included)
  • Charger  USB (Included)
  • Dimensions  164 x 195 x 41mm
  • LiPo  7.4V 350mAh (Included)
  • Gyro  6-Axis (Included)

Supplied in the Box:

1 × U29W Quadcopter
1 × U29W Drone Battery
1 × USB Battery Charger
1 x UDI UVR-2 'U-Scene' FPV Goggles
1 × Propeller Blades Set (2x Counter Clockwise, 2x Clockwise)
1 × Instruction Manual
3 x Tools

Required to Complete

  • 4 x 'AA' batteries for the controller
  • Android or IOS device for wifi use

Note: An Android or IOS mobile device is required for use and is not included with this drone.