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TAMIYA (58646) 1/18 Konghead 6x6 - G6-01 Chassis

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1:18 scale assembly kit for radio control. Requires further items to complete - See Deal prices.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: For ages 14 years and up. Not intended for use by children without direct adult supervision. This is not a toy.

 NOTE: If you want the car kit as a complete package, you will need to order the kit and package Deal seperately. If you already have the kit, you can order the DEAL package on it's own.

For RC Add On Deal prices use the links below (Opens in a new window)

 DEAL 1 ESC - Slow Charger

 DEAL 2 ESC - Fast Charger

  • DEAL 1 includes RC, ESC, 7.2 pack & Slow Charger.
  • DEAL 2 includes RC, ESC, 7.2 pack & AC / DC Fast Charger.


  The Konghead 6x6 is Tamiya’s first ever six-wheeled R/C vehicle ready to pound dirt, asphalt lots and neighborhood streets across the country! This model utilizes a new gear-driven 6WD chassis which is partially derived from the capable Tamiya GF-01 wheelie machine.

 The exceptional drive it provides will make for extreme fun while off-road driving. Furthermore, its powerful gear-driven setup allows the Konghead to take on slope inclines of up to 40 degrees!

 The polycarbonate body, inspired by Tamiya’s classic Bullhead monster truck, features a brand-new sticker sheet with cool graphics. A host of metal-plated parts includes air cleaners and exhaust (both from the Bullhead monster truck), plus chrome-plated deep dish wheel rims.

Model Details:

  • 1/18 scale R/C assembly kit
  • Length: 420mm
  • Width: 270mm
  • Height: 280mm

- The 6WD chassis employs 3 differential gears to transmit power from the front-centre-mounted motor to all of the model's wheels
- The differentials are encased in the durable monocoque
- 6-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension is paired with friction dampers
- The brand new polycarbonate body was inspired by the classic Bullhead, and indeed its metal-plated injection moulded air cleaner and muffler depictions are the same as those used on the Bullhead
- The kit manual build creates a front wheel-steering model. It also includes instructions to re-assemble it into a 4WS model with steerable rear wheels (Separately-sold 4WS function transmitter and R/C equipment are required)
- The model is compatible with many GF-01 chassis Hop Up Option and spare parts
- The Bullhead-inspired body features a brand new sticker sheet with brash, colourful logos created just for this model
- Its powerful gear-driven setup allows the Konghead to take on slopes of up to 40 degrees-the perfect outdoor drive!
- A host of metal-plated parts includes air cleaners and exhaust (both from the Bullhead), plus chrome-plated deep rim wheels

 *Lexan body requires cutting out and painting.


  • 2 channel Radio Control with receiver and servos.
  • Electronic Speed Control. 
  • 7.2v Racing Pack and charger. See deals 1 and 2.
  • Basic tools and Lexan paint to complete.




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