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DELUXE MATERIALS (S-FG6) Fibreglass Cloth - 0.6oz/Sq.Yd - 2MSq Pack

Our Price: 16.50


 DELUXE MATERIALS (S-FG1) Fibreglass Cloth - 24g/Sq.M (0.6oz/Sq.Yd). 2MSq


 Glass cloth for either laminating or finishing. Specially coated for superior 'wetting out' and strength, suitable for use with both polyester and epoxy finishing systems.

  • Use with Eze-Kote or Aeropoxy.
  • Weight:  24g/Sq.M (0.6oz/Sq.Yd)
  • Pack Quantity: 2 Metre Square




HORNBY (R3017) LMS Patriot. BR Lined Green / Early - 45535. Sir Herbert Walker KCB
HORNBY (R3332) King Class. BR Green / Late - 6029 - King Edward VIII
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