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HORNBY (R3400) Golden Arrow Last Steam Run Train Pack - Limited Edition

Our Price: £287.95


OO gauge Limited Train Pack  DCC Ready

Train Packs do not include track or controller

 The height of luxury train travel was exemplified by the distinctive chocolate and cream liveried Pullman carriages; named first class lounge cars, with a steward service, that were operated by the British Pullman Car Company.

In 1929, the Southern Railway inaugurated their own, all-Pullman train, the Golden Arrow, consisting of ten first class carriages, a brake wagon and a flat wagon carrying luggage in containers and the service ran until uninterrupted until the beginning of the Second World War.

Post-war, the sight of the Merchant Navy locomotives became a regular part of life along the Victoria–Dover line and in 1951, ten new First Class Pullman Cars, the Festival of Britain set, were introduced to the service, the cars being Aquila, Orion, Carina, Cygnus, Hercules, Perseus, Pegasus, Minerva and Car numbers 35 and 208. From September 15, 1952, the Golden Arrow was routed out through Folkestone Harbour, but reverted to the Dover route from May 29, 1960, a last fanfare for steam traction on the train, as on June 11, 1961, West Country Class 34100 Appledore hauled the last steam working of the service.

 This train pack reflects that last run of the Golden Arrow, with locomotive 34100 Appledore being joined by 1951 Festival of Britain U Class Pullman Cars, Minerva (Kitchen First), No. 34 and No. 36 (Parlour Seconds). These three Pullman cars will be fitted with interior lighting and the pack will contain full 'Golden Arrow' regalia for attaching to 34100, with the locomotive featuring BR lined green with late crests and a Stewarts Lane (73A) shedcode on the smokebox door.

Model Details:

  • Scale: 1/76, OO gauge  
  • Class:   Rebuilt West country
  • Number:   34100
  • Name:   Appledore
  • Livery: BR Lined Green / Late 
  • Finish: Pristine

Set Contents:

  • Golden Arrow locomotive 34100 Appledore
  • 1951 Festival of Britain U Class Pullman Car - Minerva (Kitchen First)
  • 1951 Festival of Britain U Class Pullman Car - No. 34
  • 1951 Festival of Britain U Class Pullman Car - No. 36 (Parlour Seconds)


  • DCC ready
  • Limited Edition




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