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TAMIYA Bigwig 4WD - Reissue (47330)

Our Price: 190.00


1:10 scale assembly kit for radio control. Requires further items to complete - See Deal prices.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: For ages 14 years and up. Not intended for use by children without direct adult supervision. This is not a toy.

 NOTE: If you want the car kit as a complete package, you will need to order the kit and package Deal seperately. If you already have the kit, you can order the DEAL package on it's own.

For RC Add On Deal prices use the links below (Opens in a new window)

 DEAL 1 ESC - Slow Charger

 DEAL 2 ESC - Fast Charger

  • DEAL 1 includes RC, ESC, 7.2 pack & Slow Charger.
  • DEAL 2 includes RC, ESC, 7.2 pack & AC / DC Fast Charger.


  The comeback of a classic! - The Bigwig (original model number 58057). The Bigwig was a 4WD buggy originally released in 1986 to commemorate 10 years of Tamiya R/C models and was the first Tamiya car with a body penned by an outside designer (Japanese full size race car designer and team owner Takuya Yura).

 This re-release version is based closely upon the original, with some tweaks to bring it up to date.

 Differences from the original:

  • Utilises the 25T GT-Tuned Motor
  • For use with Tamiya 7.2V and 6.6V LF battery packs
  • Sticker designs updated but keep the air of the original
  • For use with electronic speed controller
  • Anti-wear grease included to better protect rack and pinion

 Model details:

  • Scale                 1:10
  • Chassis type:    4WD
  • Length: 390mm
  • Width: 234mm
  • Height: 163mm

-1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit
- Aerodynamic body is lightweight and durable polycarbonate
- Engine and exhausts are depicted by chassis parts
- Utilises a sturdy ABS resin bathtub-type chassis
- Shaft-driven 4WD drive train for excellent stability off-road
- Full ball bearings ensuring minimal power loss
- 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with CVA oil dampers lets the car tackle bumpy surfaces with confidence
- Rack and pinion steering (the only of its kind on a Tamiya model) gives excellent driving feel
- Boots cover the steering tie-rods, and anti-wear grease is included in the kit to seal the mechanism from dirt and gravel
- "Aerodish" 1-piece wheels are combined with oval block pattern tyres for superior grip
- Stickers have been redesigned while keeping to the overall theme of the original
- Includes a GT-Tuned motor (25T) with sticker unique to this model
- ESCs measuring 22mm and lower in height can be fitted in the kit standard position

 *Lexan body requires cutting out and painting.


  • 2 channel Radio Control with receiver and servos.
  • Electronic Speed Control. 
  • 7.2v Racing Pack and charger. See deals 1 and 2.
  • Basic tools and Lexan paint to complete.




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