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(P-MSPD8370) FUTABA F14 Multi-Switch-Prop 12+2 Decoder (Not FX)

Our Price: 69.99


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One decoder is required per multi-switch-prop module on the receiver side. A decoder needs one servo channel only and controls 12 switching channels and 2 servo channels directly.

 With memory function - both channels on a control switch can be switched on at the same time. The memory function can be switched off. The short circuit protected, reverse polarity protected and over temperature protected output stage makes this decoder almost indestructible. Up to three decoders can be used on an F14.

-Short circuit protected
-Reverse polarity protected
-High output currents switchable
-Selectable memory function

Recommended Accessories:

  • P-CBF14N
  • P-CBF14NB
  • P-MSPM8101 


  • Servo Functions: 2
  • Switch Functions: 12
  • Weight: 30g
  • Dimensions: 62 x 32 x 24mm
  • Voltage: Batt = 4.8-24V & Rx = 4.8-6V
  • Max Current: 1,8A (Per Output)
  • No Load Current: 50 mA




(P-CBF14N) FUTABA F14 / R168DF Receiver and S148 Servo. 40mHz FM