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(P-CBF14N) FUTABA F14 / R168DF Receiver and S148 Servo. 40mHz FM

Our Price: 150.00


Imported into the UK by  Ripmax Ltd      SRP 159.99

40 MHz For ground / water use only

  F-14 is a universal radio system in tray-type design from the successful and proven F-series and features 5 option wells for individual assembly.

 The transmitter can be expanded to 8 channels, and with optional modules such as Multi-Switch, Multi-Prop, Multi-Switch-Prop for demanding applications.

*REQUIRES:  RIPMAX 9.6v 2000mAh Eneloop Transmitter Pack for F Series (O-8EN2000AAWF)

Key Features:

-Basic 4 channel unit with 2 Dual axis / self centreing sticks. Provision for 2 proportional sliders and 2 switched channels giving 8 channels total.
-Can also be used with Robbe Multi-Switch, Multi-Prop or Multi-Switch-Prop channel expansion to 5 prop + 48 multi-channels = 53 Functions
-5 options for Multi-Module with 8 control switches
-Servo reverse and programmable sequence of control functions.
-Large battery compartment for batteries up to 3500 mAh = over 14 hours of operating time. * Battery and charger required
-1-point attachment lug for neck strap.

Set Includes:

-1x F-14 Transmitter
-1x R-168 DF Receiver (Dual Conversion)
-1x S 148 Servo
-1x Servo accessory bag
-1x Switch harness.
-1 Pair of crystals

Recommended accessories:

  • P-RT1600: 3 Position channel switch
  • P-RT1511: Multi-Switch module
  • P-RT1512: Multi-Prop module
  • P-MSD8369: Multi-Switch 16 Decoder
  • P-MSM8084: Multi-Switch 16 Module
  • P-MSM8444: Mono-Switch Memory
  • P-MSPD8370: Multi-Switch-Prop 12+2 Decoder
  • P-MSPM8101: Multi-Switch-Prop 12+2 Module
  • O-8EN2000AAWF: TX Battery 9,6V 2000mAh Eneloop
  • O-XLD364-0600F: Futaba RX charging lead
  • P-FBC30D/4: Futaba Tx/Rx NiCad/Ni-MH Chgr 120/600mA
  • P-TFRT1564: Twin Boat Stick
  • P-CT40*: TX Xtal
  • P-CR40*DC: RX Xtal Dual Conversion




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