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ITALERI (1378) B-52G Stratofortress. 1/72 scale

Our Price: 57.99


Plastic construction kit which requires assembly and painting.

 The B-52 can carry roughly 60,000lbs of ordnance. Eight times as much as the B-17 of a decade earlier. Added to that massive capacity is the extensive range which allowed it to fly all the way from Louisiana, strike targets in Iraq during the Gulf War, and make it home.

 Today, 25 years after the B-52 rocked Iraq, it's still flying. It's planned to continue in service until 2040-by which point it will be ninety. Kit features three sets of Gulf War decals plus one from 1977.

Model Details:

  • Scale:   1/72
  • Wingspan:  780MM
  • Length:   674mm
  • Parts:   137

-Ex AMT Tooling
-Decals for 4 versions


Tools for assembly




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