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RIPMAX Quantum II 480 Brushless Motor (M-Q2-0480)

Our Price: 18.99


Range of brushless motors for electric flight. Imported by Ripmax Ltd

 The Ripmax Quantum II range of electric motors are designed to offer performance, efficiency, build quality and value-for-money in a wide array of sizes. Every motor includes a mounting kit comprising of a tough metal motor mount and a CNC metal prop adaptor that bolts to the can. For easy connection to the speed controller the motor comes pre-wired and the corresponding gold connectors are supplied for the ESC.

 This 480 size speed motor is designed as a replacement for an old 480 sized brushed can motor but it is lighter and more powerful to suit to a wide variety of sports and scale models


  • ESC:  30A 
  • Connectors:  3.5mm 
  • Length:  30mm 
  • Weight: 80g 
  • Diameter:  35mm 
  • KV RPM:  1100 
  • Thread:  M6 
  • LiPo:  2S-4S 
  • Shaft dia:  4mm




HORNBY (R3017) LMS Patriot. BR Lined Green / Early - 45535. Sir Herbert Walker KCB
HORNBY (R3332) King Class. BR Green / Late - 6029 - King Edward VIII
HORNBY (R3314) 4F. BR Unlined Black / Early - 44341