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AIRFIX (A19003) Hawker Typhoon 1B - Car Door. 1/24 scale

Our Price: 119.99


Plastic construction kit which requires assembly and painting

 These early machines were somewhat rushed into service and it was discovered that a number of modifications would be desirable, if not totally essential.

 Perhaps the most noticeable difference from the later models were around the canopy area – the first Typhoons were supplied with a forward opening ‘car door’ style cockpit entry for the pilot which even included a wind down window.

 The pilot also had a transparent roof panel, which hinged open to the left and some machines had the addition of a rear-facing mirror, on the canopy frame.


Model Details:

  • Scale:   1/24
  • Wingspan:   528mm
  • Length:     404mm
  • Parts:    509

-Revised tooling
-The new ‘car door’ style canopy structure
-Earlier ‘car door’ pilots seat
-Alternative main undercarriage wheel
-Pneumatic tail wheel
-Alternate cannon fairings for the guns
-Different internal frame structure
-500Ib ‘Long Tail’ bombs



1) R7752 PR-G, Roland Beamont, 609 Squadron Manston 1943

2) RB781 SA-H 486 Squadron

3) EK270 EL-X 181 Squadron


4) JP671 XP-R 174 Squadron


Paints, glue and tools for assembly




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