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PECO (LC-100) Catenary System - Starter Pack

Our Price: 94.50


OO Gauge Track and Components made by PECO in Devon

OO Gauge Catenary System: Mast Pack: 12 assembled masts, 12 registration arms, 2 x installation jigs, and a "Shows You How" installation guide.

     Overhead catenary is one of those lineside features that until recently has been difficult for modellers to replicate unless they were prepared to scratch build it. So we are delighted to let you know that the release of our brand new overhead electric catenary system, including masts and contact wires, has arrived.

 Produced in collaboration with German catenary specialists Sommerfeldt, they replicate (in true 4mm scale) a common design of the overhead lineside equipment (OHLE) catenary mast as seen around much of the UK electric railway system. Using robust nickel silver and steel parts these masts will last considerably longer than a fragile plastic mast, important given their potential vulnerability on a working model railway.

 Also available are packs of copper contact wires of varying lengths, meaning that the modeller can set up their catenary for most track formations, not just straight, but curved sections too.

 A useful installation jig is also provided, enabling the accurate positioning of the masts in relation to the track, vital if the trains are going to run smoothly. The best practice for connecting the wires will be to solder them securely to the brackets, resulting in a firm and stable set-up that will allow the pantographs of the locomotive or train to run along the wires.

 A comprehensive 16-page "Shows You How" booklet will be provided to guide the modeller through the installation process. This guide will also be presented free of charge with the Railway Modeller May issue, on sale Thursday 14th April - and the catenary system will be released at the same time.




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