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IRVINE Pro Sealing Iron 240v (T-CT01)

Our Price: 42.99


Distibuted by Ripmax Ltd.


 Its computer control temperature is accurate to +/- 1 degree. Easy set temperature dial comes with stand and protective sock

 Supplied complete with plug and stand


Thermostatically Controlled:

 Just dial the thermostat to the desired temperature and it will maintain an even and constant heat.

Non Stick Coated:

 Ultra-tuff and high temperature resistant Teflon coating ensures long life

Custom Designed Shoe:

 A special shape at the tip of the shoe allows easier access between control surfaces and other hard to get areas.




HORNBY (R3017) LMS Patriot. BR Lined Green / Early - 45535. Sir Herbert Walker KCB
HORNBY (R3332) King Class. BR Green / Late - 6029 - King Edward VIII
HORNBY (R3314) 4F. BR Unlined Black / Early - 44341