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REVELL (07073) LaFerrari Car, kit. 1/24 scale

Our Price: 22.99



1/24 scale construction kit which requires assembly and painting


Ferrari has once again produced another technical achievement with its LaFerrari. The Formula 1 influence is not only reflected in this super road-going sports car by its fantastic design, but also by its almost unbelievable performance. The two-seater is powered by 6.3 litre V12 engine producing 800bhp and augmented by two electric motors with a total of 163bhp using a hybrid technique that Ferrari has developed in Formula 1 racing. Its 12 cylinders are supplied with combustion air by 48 valves and together with the electric motors produce 700 newton metre of torque at a modest 6750rpm. The amazing car reaches 200km/h (125mph) in less than 7 seconds and 300km/h (186mph) in just 15 seconds. It then goes further to well over 350km/h (217mph)

Model kit details:

  • LaFerrari Car, kit
  • Parts: 139
  • Dimensions: L198mm approx
  • Scale: 1/24


  • Fully detailed multi-part bodywork with fine surface structuring
  • Detailed interior with authentic instrument panel and structured seats
  • Separate, wide opening bonnet
  • Highly detailed, multi-part 12 cylinder engine
  • Replica electric motors
  • Steerable front axle
  • Detailed suspension
  • Rotating wheels
  • Detailed chassis
  • Diverse chrome plated parts, including wheel rims and reflectors
  • Comprehensive decal set with international registration numbers (D, NL, F, CH, I, GB, A, RUS)


  • Paints, glue and tools for assembly




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