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ZVEZDA (9052) Soviet WWII Battleship Marat, kit. 1/350 scale

Our Price: 54.99



1/350 scale construction kit which requires assembly and painting


This Baltic Fleet battleship carried the name Marat from 1921 to 1943. It was commissioned in 1914 under the name Petropavlovsk and became the third dreadnought of the Gangut-class. Zvezda's model represents the battleship after reconstruction of 1928-1931. Marat supported the land forces during the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland. The ship defended Leningrad during the World War II. It's anti-aircraft guns shot down two German aircraft on the second day of the war

Model kit details:

  • Soviet WWII Battleship Marat, kit
  • Parts: 467
  • Dimensions: L527mm approx
  • Scale: 1/350


  • 50% new tooling
  • Decal for Soviet Navy included


  • Paints, glue and tools for assembly




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