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AERO-GRAPHICS Fairey Firefly. 24.8in (630mm) span

Our Price: 31.95


Balsa & Tissue covered kit for the experienced builder


 Balsa / tissue covered kit, requires other items to finish.

 Aerographics kits have earned a well deserved reputation for quality and authenticity. These are definitely not toys; they are miniature aircraft that fly superbly well and give considerable satisfaction during construction. Most of the skills required for model aircraft construction and flying can be learnt from these kits and when well made they provide a considerable source of pride.

 The range is varied; most being rubber powered with the option to fit electric motors, or compressed carbon dioxide motors, (CO2). The Komet Lightning & Bell XS-1 can be flown as catapult gliders or they can be powered by a Jet-X 50 motor or similar.

 Kit features:

  • Wingspan:   24.8in (630mm)
  • Stripwood & printed balsa sheet panels
  • Full size plan
  • Detailed building & flying instructions
  • Covering tissue
  • Lightweight plastic wheels & canopy glazing
  • Authentic waterslide decals
  • Contest quality propeller & rubber motor



 Tools:   Craft knife/sand paper/pins/building board(cork notice board or any other soft flat board)

 Glues:   Either balsa cement / PVA or superglue. For tissue use Deluxe Tissue Paste, paper paste / wall paper paste or thinned pva.

 Finishing:    Cellulose shrinking dope, thinners and suitable brush. If painting is required use either enamels or acrylics with suitable thinner.




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