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RIPMAX Pro-Peak AC/DC Delta Base Charger (O-IP1501)

Our Price: 19.50



 Suitable for charging 4.8-9.6v NiCd/NiMh batteries, the Delta Base charger is ideal for fast charging power packs, or transmitter/receiver batteries at home or on the field!

 A simple to use, switchable, mains input or 12 volt, Peak detect charger for NiCd and NiMH packs from 4 to 8 cells. Suitable for 7.2 - 8.4v car packs with Tamiya style connectors.
 The supplied adaptor lead also allows quick charging of transmitter and receiver packs when you forgot to do it overnight or need a quick top up!

 The three carefully chosen charging rates from 0.5A to 2.5A cater for a wide range of battery capacities.
The Delta Base features:

  • Switchable 0.5/1/2.5A charge rates
  • 11-15v DC or 110-240V AC input
  • Fast or trickle charge 4-8 Nicd or NiMH packs
  • Delta Peak fast charge termination
  • Auto trickle charge following fast charge
  • Red LED indicates fast charge
  • Green LED indicates trickle charge
  • 3 way adaptor lead included with BEC and Futaba compatible transmitter/receiver connectors




HORNBY (R3412) S15. BR Black / Early - 30842
HORNBY RAILROAD (R3494) 5MT. BR Black / Late - 45025