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JP RADIENT Origin Dual Chemistry AC/DC Charger - UK (RDNA0015)

Our Price: 18.99


The Origin is the latest release from Radient RC. It's a NiMH charger in a revolutionary package that simply gets the job done.

 This entry-level R/C battery charger supports 1-8 cells and charges up to 4A on AC or DC power! Using a single button interface you can set the charge current and start charging while being constantly informed of your battery's charge status via the charge indicator LED.

 The Origin also sports a sleek and slim design seen no where else on the market. It's unique and pleasing to the eye while allowing you to stack either your battery pack or another like charger right on top to keep your workspace organised.


  • Multi-Chemistry AC/DC Peak Detection, LCD Balance Charger
  • NiCd, NiMH Battery Chemistry
  • AC/DC Input Power
  • 1-8 NiMH Cells
  • 1-4A AC or DC Charge Current
  • Tamiya-style Output Connector
  • Charge Current/Status Display
  • 1A Default Charge, 120 min timer Safety





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