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(19004) ARTESANIA HMS Bountys Jolly Boat. 1/25 scale

Our Price: 65.99


 In April 1789, the H.M.S. Bounty left Tahiti and whilst passing through the Endeavour Channel, a number of the crew staged a mutiny.

 Captain Bligh and 18 loyal crew members were forced by the mutineers into one of the three small lifeboats and were cast adrift. This craft powered by a large sail and with four men rowing at a time, covered 3,600 miles util they reached the safety of Timor. 

Model Details:

 The kit includes laser cut frames for keel & bulkheads, and exotic wood strip for hull planking.

 Also included is the wooden deck planking, masts and spars, resin and wooden fittings, cloth for the sails and flags. The instruction booklet is very detailed, taking you through every step of construction.

  • Scale:     1/25
  • Overall length:  30cm
  • Height:           
  • Width:            
  • Skill Level:       1
  • Hull Construction:  Plank on Frame 


Tools, glue and paint/varnish.




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